So I haven’t been to class on a regular basis in the last several months, thanks to holidays and injuries, yadda yadda yadda. I always have a water bottle in my dance bag, ya gotta stay hydrated. I pulled it out before class began and felt it still had some water in it and it was cold too, thanks winter. I took a couple of swigs and noticed it wasn’t fresh tasting, but not horrible.

Then the third drink was worse than before luckily we reached the point where we get set free right after barre and I thought I’d go dump it out and fill it with fresh suburban strip mall water fountain water, mmm delicious. I dump out the old and I notice even in the dimly lit hallway behind the studio that the inside of my water bottle is yellowish orange, almost like the color of orange juice pulp coating the entire inside of said bottle.

This got me thinking of two things, one how long has this bottle been in my bag and two, how sick am I going to get from drinking from this third-grade science experience? Well I’m sure it’s been in there since mid-December, I forgot to get it out of my bag last week. I’m not good at math but that’s well over a month, plenty of time to grow god knows what that shit is. And for number two, it’s a waiting game. I feel good right now…

5 Responses to “Gross”

  1. Yuck! Although I’m guilty of the same thing, my water bottles usually sit full of water over breaks and vacations as well. Not to mention my boyfriend found a coffee thermos we were missing for a while out of the back of the fridge…full of gross moldy coffee.

  2. Gnarly! Recently I was gulping down water and noticed mid-gulp that the lid of my water bottle was rimmed with black mold. But if you care about the planet (plastic takes 500 years to decompose, but never fully goes away) you use a water bottle, right? Now… if we could just remember to clean them more often.

    • Wow, black mold? Good to hear you’re still alive.
      Plastic water bottles are the scourge of mankind. I use reusable bottles, I’ve got tons of them from cycling. I just have a bad habit of not washing them out when I’m done with them, especially if they have had sports drinks in them, they get disgusting fast.

  3. omg! this actually made me laugh out loud and it cheered me up too. Hope it didn’t make you sick!!

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